About us

About Us

Our story...

Life is a full circle and Techwhizzer is a completion of one small circle within and along with many Concentric and overlapping circles. The journey started some 28 years ago with a few childhood friends learning on IBM Mainframes, AS/400’s and PC XT’s. From there we have individually traveled practically the entire globe, consulting many  Fortune 100 companies, advised and collaborated with individuals across most verticals and horizontals. Now one circle closes and another one starts.

We got together with the intention of bringing to bear the knowledge, expertise to promote and participate in the Digital India movement. We felt that this would be the optimal time to lend a hand to small and mid size businesses starting with our own neighborhood and extend as far as we can to digitize one business, one thought at a time.

Our office is a few steps from where we started our journey. We hope that we will be able to assist others walk the path and get to their destinations in this Digital World.  

What You Can Expect

The first and paramount thing that you can expect from us is integrity. We are not in this to make a quick buck. We genuinely and very strongly believe that every contract is a relationship and not the other way around. We are here to form alliances, partnerships and most importantly friends.

We have worked with over 70 of the Top Fortune 500 Companies and consulted clients onsite in over 20 countries. Why is it important to mention that. Every client is obviously different, so is every domain and so is every client different in every country. Having a diverse experience provides us with an excellent vantage point which we bring to the table in all aspects of our engagement. Whether it is the assessment of your business from an eCommerce perspective, evaluation and recommendation of your User Experience, User Interface. Development of your Social Media campaigns or just your Call to Actions. Every step of the process matters and we are here to assist.

We keep it simple. Our plans are flexible and we are willing to work with you for any custom requirements that are not listed but where we honestly feel we can provide you with the services that you seek. Therefore the most integral part of working with you, for us, is the interview process. We like to get to know your business so we can provide you with the right guidance and the right services that will work best for you.